Radical Cl

Collect, Prioritise and Implement continuous improvement opportunities at a radically improved rate. With our system, you can deliver an order of mgnitude more impact, by applying the pareto principle in an automated way, leveragin the combined intelligence of your full enterprise data set.


By reducing and removing the need to spend weeks analysing issues and fast tracking to solution design, the levels of both cost saving innvoation and competitive growth are significantly improved. By democratising data access, this function is no longer confined to those with specific train, data access and organisational support, anyone across your organisation can now engage and collaborate around innovative improvement projects. Finally, the same issue should never be fixed twice with our system highlighting previous solutions, whether historic, international or unimpleented. Ensuring that the right connections are made across your team.


Despite industry 4.0's focus on technology, it is our belief that the future will still center on having a great environment that enables great people to work towards a common goal. Employee enagement has been a critical part of every major industrial revolution and we see no reason why this will be any different. Gallup carried out a study that found that highly engaged teams are 21% more productive. The Make-Sense platform makes a clear point to your team that everyone is trusted and encouraged to support the enterprises competitive growth and gives them the tools they need to understand issues, design solutions and propose and justify their impacts.

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