Collect Data

We don't believe in monolithic tools that try to do everything. Leverage and integrate best in-class tools that do one thing well.

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Best in-class Tools

Leverage the tools, products and services that perform their job excellently, rather than one that tries to do everything poorly.

Leverage Existing Assets

Leverage existing tools, to unlock a radical shift in productivity, reducing the investment and disruption needed to embrace the next step of your digital transformation.

Unlock the value of digital

Make-Sense creates a truly modular and interoperable digital thread. This reduces vendor lock-in, allowing you to swap out elements when a better product comes in, enabling agility without disruption.



Where existing infrastructure doesn't capture the data needed to generate actionable insight, we typically install the Make-Sense monitor. Wifi enabled, cost effective and cyber resilient, our hardware fills in the missing gaps.

2019 Report: Disruption in Manufacturing

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